…random recent events

Mr. Adventure spotted someone unicycling in our neighborhood recently. That goes on a list of impractical vehicles in Dhaka, including the two MINIs, and the Ferrari.

Our adventure with the cat in the car last year has become one of the stories bored drivers tell each other outside the embassy. When it came up in a conversation with a friend’s driver, he was surprised to find out it was we Adventures who were the supporting cast to the cat’s starring role. I think the story must have gotten bigger in the interim, because he was more enthusiastic about knowing this than the experience should have warranted.

The sky has been blue at some point on roughly 50% of the previous 10 days. I think that might be a record. Not all day, but for at least a few minutes.

In my free time, I’ve been trying to build an identity for myself as a self-employed person. I’m trying to decide whether I want to sell my services mostly locally ( i.e. with the people at each post ) or over the Internet.

We’re participating in a community yard sale this week, so we’ve been sorting and tagging some stuff to bring. It’s all a bit of a mess right now. Hope people come to buy it!

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2 thoughts on “…random recent events

  1. Every day as we enter the Embassy complex, our car goes through a security checkpoint and one of the things they do is open the engine compartment to looks for explosives or something like that. On this particular occasion, there was a stray black cat hiding behind our engine. The guards asked us to get out and look, and I did so. Eventually the cat decided this hiding place wasn’t as good as he originally thought when he hid there sometime earlier that morning at our house, and he bolted off towards the Nepali Embassy.

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