The Adventures In… blog documents the lives of a US Foreign Service family as they start out on their first tour, to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The opinions expressed here are personal and not professional in nature and are not representative of the opinions or policy of the United States government.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I didn’t know your blog was out here until you posted a message on mine, thank you! We’ll be following your journey. We arrive the first week of October. We don’t have any official details yet, but believe the apt is 4 br, 4.5 baths. I met someone who has left Dhaka already, but lived in the same complex and loved it. She said it was huge and the kitchen is nice and large. I am just a huge gardener, so very sad to not have our “own” yard.

    If you want to meet before you guys leave, let me know. We are in Falls Church, but not at the main Oakwood.

    Brgds ~ Denise

  2. Hi Lauren,
    Just found your blog and Denise blog. You are both going to Dhaka, as well as my family. Would love to catch up with you guys. When do you leave? We don’t go until June, as my husband just finished his A-100 and started language yesterday.

    Drop me a line if you wish
    Corinna Knettles

  3. Hi. About to move to Dhaka so found your blog really useful..thank you. I can’t find Deshperate in Dhaka or Daily Dhaka on Facebook….any clues or pointers? Wondering if the name has changed? If you can let me know I’d be most grateful.

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