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…Clothing Swap

Over the past weekend, I hosted a clothing swap party at my house. I was a little nervous about how many people might show up, since I’d gotten RSVP’s from complete strangers and people outside the embassy, but we had a completely manageable crowd that fit into our living rooms nicely.

If you’ve never been to a clothing swap, everyone brings the stuff from their closet that doesn’t fit right, or that they’d loved the idea of but never really liked on themselves, etc. At the swap, there are designated areas for tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes, bags, dresses, etc. I tried to include an area for more local fashions at mine, but there weren’t many and they got snapped up so fast that there wasn’t any need for a special space for them.

I had a ton of clothes that don’t fit well any more. Between the Dhaka 15, the pregnancy and the wistfulness that lovely things I’d once worn would someday fit me again, I was a bit of a clothes hoarder. So, in the spirit of purging, I got rid of all of that stuff. Some of it was pretty popular, so I was happy to see it going to new homes.

Since there aren’t many shops where you can buy western clothes here, it was a good chance to get some new things for the wardrobe, and have a chance to try them on first (unlike internet shopping).

I came away with a few blouses, 2 bracelets made for people with giant wrists (yeah!), and a lovely scarf. I was happy with how it turned out. Some people brought really fancy things, I guess I have high quality friends.

…Wearing Sari

Saris, or sharees, depending on your accent:

The sari for last week's wedding adventure.

We’ve had a couple of sari wearing days recently. The first sari above is a local cotton, loosely woven but heavily starched with rice water. It’s rather difficult to wear because of all the starch. The second sari is also somewhat difficult to drape, because it’s embroidered, appliqued, and has sequin trim. I guess I know how to pick ’em.

Another difficulty here is that the Bangladeshi way of draping sari is different than the western Indian way I’d learned before, and requires a lot of pins to get it right it seems. At least 2 are required. Because I’m inept, I go to the local salon to get draped. The wedding sari took 30 minutes to put on (just adding to the fun of the evening, yessirree).