…What (Not) to Wear

Most of my friends and family are curious about what I wear every day here in Dhaka. Sadly, I am not very a very interesting fashion model here, as I spend most of my days in the house polishing my dissertation. On those occasions when I venture out, I am wearing my American clothes, and being fiercely stared at for the oddity. However, I do _know_ the dress code, I just haven’t found anything built for the giant (average-sized American) that I am, and haven’t taken the plunge for custom clothes as everyone else seems to do. Since I’m trying to start working full time soon, I’ll have to jump in that pool, though. Jeans and t-shirts just won’t cut it.

So, for the round-up which I am hosting this week, I’ve chosen a theme of “What (Not) to Wear.” Tell us your stories of fashion faux-pas, or take pics of the locally acceptable ensembles. Is your post a culture of little black dresses? Blazers that throw-back to the 1980s? Abayas? Fur-lined hoods? Space-suits? Are there things you wear inside, but not out, as we do here in Dhaka? Is your wardrobe full of exotic things from previous posts that you don’t want to throw away?

I’m excited to hear about the clothing cultures we all experience, so bring on the posts!

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