I was too slow for the food-themed round-up this week, but I did eat something particularly revolting this week, just for the theme. And, no, it’s not monkey brains or raw testicle. It’s a seemingly innocuous little package from the candy aisle: Skwinkles Salsaghetti.

I think this is a box of watermelon flavored ones, but mine was Cherry Cocktail pretty standard red-candy taste, right?

Except the manufacturer liberally douses the gooey cherry strings in a hot chili powder, which would really be bad enough. The two flavors are not compatible at all and the chili powder itself is like the stuff you use to mix in to your taco meat. I like spicy, but this is cakey, gooey, spicy grossness.

That’s all I tried of it. I was with someone else and we each had a string and choked it down, looking around to see if there was any polite place to throw it away. But, then, I saw the true prize in the package, a container of “sauce” from which to make the string candy into “Salsaghetti.” A thick, sticky tamarind sweet sauce. I am pretty sure this was not meant to really be consumed by humans. I tried to get Mr. A to take a taste, since I couldn’t get past the horrible smell, but he’s been under the weather this week, and thought the effects of eating it might be bad enough to send him to the medical unit for quarantine.

This might be the first “weird” candy that I was really unable to finish.

for more on the Salsaghetti: Weekly Candy

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