…Egg Hunting

Some action shots of Neko from last week’s egg hunt. We arrived exactly on time, which turned out to be about 5 minutes too late (there were some avid hunters!), but several of the other kids gave Neko a chance to pick up some eggs by laying them out around her. We went to another hunt the next day, which was more like wading through a pool of eggs, so she got a chance to pick up some there too. She’s also played with them all week. None of the innards were toddler appropriate, but we can save the stickers for next year and eat the candy ourselves. (shhh!)

IMG_1167 IMG_1262 IMG_1260 IMG_1212 IMG_1182

This generous little boy gave Neko half of his eggs. She gave some back, but kept a good number.

1 thought on “…Egg Hunting

  1. Hi, Lauren and Matt, I got your pictures of the egg hunts. The one with the generous little boy I’ll keep on top of the file, nice of him! Good to hear from you. Love, Jeanne S.

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