I have been terribly remiss in keeping up this blog in the last two weeks. I think a great big case of the lazies has swept over me. So, no, it’s not that I’m fantastically busy and leading such an exciting life that I have no time to report on it, its more that I’m more likely to be found (mentally) “on the sofa.”

However, I have also found my camera wire, so I can get some pics up that have been delayed for several weeks/months. I’ll put those in another post.

All week I have been substituting at the local American school. It’s a really pretty campus, and there are students as young as 3 in addition to the high schoolers I usually see. The 3 year olds are really cute, but it’s hard to talk philosophy with them. 🙂 It’s also the week before end of term exams, which means a new term will start soon… and so will the famous AISD adult/continuing education program. Most of the classes are sports related, but there are a few craft and language classes.

I am excited to get an opportunity to join the Master’s Swim team. Apparently the team asks that you be able to swim 50 meters without stopping in two different strokes. While I could swim much further than that with freestyle, I am afraid my skills at flip-turns for backstroke, breaststroke, and (heaven help me if I ever figure out the) butterfly are less then par. In fact, I am somewhat afraid of knocking my head against the wall if I try. Hopefully they’ll count a wall turn as “not stopping!” I figure that they can’t be too strict, as none of the other Master’s teams I’ve known has been OCD about letting moderate swimmers join.

They’ve also got a boot camp that looks promising, but it is at the same time as swimming and has a lower class limit, so it will probably be full before I am eligible to enroll. (Full time teachers, staff and parents get priority over us lowly “community members.” I can’t even use the pool during open swim time because I don’t qualify for the membership as a mere spouse of an embassy employee. LAME. I hope the Masters team doesn’t max out enrollment before I can sign up.

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