…Third Tour

Among the FS blogger types, it’s pretty traditional to post a pic of your next post’s flag as the announcement of where you’ll be. So, here we are:


Though, the place is so tiny, most people live outside the borders.

In nearby flag2

Yep, we’ll be in DC.


1 thought on “…Third Tour

  1. Hi, Meko and Panda’s, and parents who handle their information! That’s good news for your future, as far as I’m concerned. May be a chance to see you at times. I hope it fits parents’ hopesl You must be growing fast these days, if I compare with Marshall here at 20 months. So it would be fine to get to see you too. We’re into typical fall weather now, but snow up at the mountains. The Cooks started out with xc skiing last weekend. It may take awhile to get enough snow for downhill, for their tastes. I hope we can all get together for part of thanksgiving dinner at least, haven’t seen Mike and family for awhile, but that’s a good time to try. He has been traveling some, I think. Be good kiddos! Love, Grandma Jeanne Or should I say great-grandma, or both?

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