…sitting in the window

Our house is right next to a park, I have probably mentioned this before. On weekends, the park is packed with people. Today, the first day of a week of holidays called Chuseok, is also the first nice day after a week of rain. The park is more full of people than normal.

On our side of the wall that separates us from the park, butterflies flit in and around the dregs of our summer garden. A field mouse tries to eat the last few tomatoes, leaves are gently falling from the sycamore trees. Outside my window it is quiet.

On the other side of the wall, hundreds of people are chanting as some sporting event occurs, kids are screaming on the slides, and little old adjummas are strolling on rocky paths. Outside my window is a giant party that everyone in Korea is invited too.

When I sit in the window, the sounds of the park turn me into a kid. I get that feeling that I need to go out and join the play, that childhood is so close, that I can just jump into anyone’s playing and find a place for myself.

But, there is no one out playing on our side of the wall. We live in suburban America, where you have to set up play dates and invite people to parties. No one spontaneously hangs out in the front yard with neighbors. We already took a walk today, and saw nearly no one, other than the family getting in their car and the woman jogging with her dog and iPod. If I go to the park, I am too much a stranger to jump into the play of the adults. They play in group games I don’t know or am not a member of the team for.

Luckily, the girls are both asleep, so we can’t go out and enjoy the day right now anyway. It’s too bad that today I feel like an 8 year old myself, and want to play hide-and-seek or something outside with my friends.

1 thought on “…sitting in the window

  1. Hi, Neko and Panda’s mom, Lauren, It sounds as if you’re feeling lonesome when the kids are quiet, and it’s a lovely day to be out. I sometimes get that wish I could go out too feeling. My windows, to the east is major Duniway park and to the south is Upper Duniway park. No butterflies visible! My restraints are “gotta get something done in here” or showers probably coming. In fact just to go to the bus for swimming at MAC, I’ve been carrying an umbrellla or wearing a rain jacket. Oh, well, rainy season is more predictable, will be here just too soon anyhow. We’ll make it through with a few damp waits for busses. And you will too, knowing those lovely kids will keep you busy enough later. Got some good reading for a few minutes? That’s always available for me. Good luck until Matt gets back from U.S. visit! I’ll be rooting for you all the time, and looking forward to hearing from you. Love, Jeanne S.

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