8:40 am Christmas starts out right with Neko giving everyone a nice sleep-in.
A few minutes later we notice the snow!

9:00 am Neko begins to cry because we won’t let her eat her stocking orange whole. She also nets a pack of teething tablets and a crinkly pouch if apple snacks from Santa. Daddy’s goofy solar flower toy is her favorite though, once the automaton penguin breaks. She also likes his M&M candy cane. My stocking scores a heap of candy, fun crossword puzzles and some nice towels for the kitchen, to replace the ones that got Dhakafied. We eat cinnamon rolls.

10 am Full of cinnamon rolls, and flush with stocking gifts, we start to make family calls. We only manage to get one call in before Neko poops out.

11 am Mr.A and I start to open presents while Neko naps.

12 noon, make a second family call, wake Neko for the excitement.

1 pm, Neko gets to open/see her presents. The ball pit is a huge hit, as is the little ornament.

1:40 the balls from the ball pit begin to be removed from the pit. We’re in for a messy house. We wondered a lot about our mysterious last gift, so if you sent something electronic, we didn’t get a gift message…. Let us know its from you.

2 pm, we made the last family phone call today, then sat down to play with the toys, trash and ribbons. We watched a few episodes of Top Gear while dinner cooked.

6pm, we ate dinner. Neko was most impressed by the bacony green beans. The diet mashed potatoes (we only had fat free milk and no sour cream) were mediocre. The cherry pie was, as usual, awesome.

8 pm, we rounded off the night with Neko running around the house giggling whenever she came into the room. Then, suddenly melting down and wanting to go to bed. Proper toddler already.

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