…My Dhaka Facebook, part 2

(Don’t you hate it when the internet eats your draft! It doesn’t happen to me often, but the post I wrote this weekend has mysteriously disappeared…)

After posting on my favorite Dhaka-related “likes” on Facebook, I remembered one category of essential Facebook-ness for the expat crowd: expat groups.

So, don’t forget to check these groups out, if you’re not already a member:

Deshperate in Dhaka is a meeting place for all expats in Dhaka. It’s got announcements about upcoming cultural, social and shopping events, as well as ads for used and new items and household staff. You can find the yoga studio or the spanish puppet show in Baridhara, from conversations on this page.

Dhaka Daily, like Deshperate, has information about events and second-hand items. It’s nearly all Americans and Canadians, however, and focuses on the things most important to that crowd. I’ve seen people set up meet-ups for game nights, craft groups or BBQs on Dhaka Daily.

Dhaka’s Moonshine Baby Group is where expat (mostly) parents come together to talk about Baby and young child things in Dhaka. If you’re wondering about a particular pre-school, looking for a playgroup, a doctor, or child-friendly hairstylist, this is the venue to ask those questions. There are also frequent ads for ayahs and used baby gear. We’ve purchased several things that were advertised here, because there are few places in Dhaka where you can find baby items at a reasonable price.


6 thoughts on “…My Dhaka Facebook, part 2

  1. Hi 🙂
    Both Deshperate in Dhaka and Dhaka Daily seem not existing anymore 😦
    Do you know if they changed name or something?

      1. Woa.. I didn’t even know it was possibile to be that secret on FB!
        Are you maybe a member Adventuresin?

      2. Sorry , no I left the groups when I left dhaka. Maybe ask a aisd teacher or ara member ?

      3. I just managed to find somebody! Thanks for helping anyway, I really would not have imagined that it was secret 🙂

  2. Can anyone connect me with a member who can add me? I am an American woman just relocated here to teach sustainable design at the fashion and textiles university and would really like to be in the loop with these groups….

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