…visitors and visiting

Last week we had our first guests visit us in Dhaka, well unless you count the strangers who were coming here for various other reasons and were told to look us up. These were the first guests to use our overnight accommodations. They are also the last guests.

But, beyond dhaka’s lack of appeal for our friends and family….

The guests included one of Neko’s grandmothers, so we all reveled in family for a few days. I also got a chance to get more of my Dhaka on in three days than I had in the three, even six, months prior.

We started with a day tour of old Dhaka with “My Bangla Tour,” who we contacted through Facebook. Mr. London gave us a great tour of the area, even though we got to see some of the worst traffic I’d ever had in Dhaka. Thankfully, traffic was one of the items on our guests’ checklist of things to see, so they definitely got that.

We also got to see the inside of the pink palace, which I’d missed on my last tour. I didn’t know it was all done up as a museum, complete with 100-year old medical equipment and fancy dinnerware. I actually recommend the museum, if you get the chance. We stopped by the ferry terminal, saw some monuments, visited the Armenian church…. We missed the Lalbag and the night market (special for Ramadan), but the day was fully long without those.

On day 2, we got a chance to see the inner workings of the embassy, have lunch with Mr. A, and check out the flowers and playground at the club. Neko’s just barely big enough to fit in the baby swing now, but it’s still pretty precarious.

Day 3, still enjoying the traffic, we shopped our breath away at some of my favorite handicraft and pearl stores. I even picked up an embroidered picture, which I’d wanted to find for a while. Many of them are done in pastel greens and ochres, but they had a few at Aarong that were bolder, and we ended up with an interesting medallion.

Over the three days, we ate an Iftar, some Nando’s, and the embassy’s Sandwich Day specials, so I think they got a real taste of our lifestyle. I fact, I think they did everything in those three days that we ever do. Well… Except take a boat trip, but that wasn’t until yesterday, and they were already gone. 😦

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1 thought on “…visitors and visiting

  1. Wish I was healthy enough to visit! It sounds quite different from my trips previously. And fun finding out just what you’re up to! Will have to enjoy it second hand Thanks for your posts! Jeanne Steed

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