…rubber gaskets

Do you use appliances? Well, the beware! If they haves rubber gasket, you’re likely to loose them in Dhaka. We’ve had three different household staff, and all of the have looked at the rubber gaskets on our appliances (blender, fancy baby food machine, water cooler, turkey baster, thermometer, kitchen faucet, and probably others) and thought, hmmmm, this must be a useless part, even though they were the one to dissemble the appliance in the first place.

It really makes it hard when your excited to make a smoothie, or are contemplating cooking dinner for the baby, and the one tool you could do that easily with is completely useless.

Replacement cost for baby food machine gasket? $2 plus 5 shipping. Utter amazement that yet another gasket has been consigned to the dustbin? Priceless.

And, yet, when you visit local homes, all their appliances still have the factory stickers on them, you’d hate to throw out the advertising on your fridge, you know. But a gasket? Useless.

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1 thought on “…rubber gaskets

  1. Yes, that does seem odd, loosing a gasket, making the machine inoperable. But Nedo’s face was well-plastered with cereal a few days ago. Did you look in waste basket! Love, Jeanne g.grandma

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