Here’s a cute shot of Neko all dressed up and ready to head out to the Easter Vigil mass.

We went to mass at the Vatican delegation. It’s a great big imposing building, but always seemed rather empty from the outside. It’s really close to the American Embassy, so I pass it everyday, but this was our first time inside. The nuncio and his secretary, a monsignor, were both very hospitable, and hosted a potluck on their formal china afterwards. The attendees were varied, and included both high and low brow folks, but a pretty small group. Still, we filled the little chapel and had to squeeze in a few extra chairs. It was a homey little service and reminded me of my time in Boston, both architecturally and spiritually.

4 thoughts on “…Easter

    1. It’s still a bit big yet, and we have to roll it up twice on her arms, but it’s perfect for “dressing up” times!

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