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Neko’s been busy working on her head control so she can really enjoy some of her toys. Lying on the ground is just not cutting it anymore.

The bumbo was a hand-me-down from a great one-time Dhaka family. They also gave us their saucer, but she’s not ready for that yet. She loves the Bumbo, and will gladly read books, throw (drop) the ball for you, or cuddle with a stuffed toy in it. We’re working on hitting the play gym stuff from the chair, since she’s not into lying under it so much any more.

Last night we set up the doorway jumper, and it’s also a hit. Technically she’s too small for it (supposed to have her waist as high as the tray), but she loves it. She spins around and smiles, looking at us, and the rest of the room. She’s almost got the bouncing part down, but not quite, especially with stocking feet!

Yesterday we spent some time with other babies in the park at the American Club. It was Neko’s first significant amount of time outside (other than when we go on walks), and she was sneezing from all the dust of Dhaka. Oh well. I guess she’s got the family allergies too.

We’re almost on a schedule, at least for sleeping, day times are a mixed bag. The ayah’s very good at putting Neko to sleep, and we’re grateful they like each other so much. It was a pretty easy transition for Neko, and since I’m only working half days, we still get some cuddle time in in the mornings. Not that she’s much of a cuddler, she’s too curious and active for that.

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