…Teal for tea

It’s been a long time again, working appears to take a toll on my desire to blog. Most of the time, it takes a toll even on my desire to eat dinner (or, rather, cook it). I’m spending most of my day in front of a computer screen, so the one at home just doesn’t have the appeal.

In the interim, we’ve been to Alaska and back, we’ve gotten the news of where we’ll be posted next, and we’ve seen the baby yawn on an ultrasound. Exciting times. The first two deserve their own post, so you’ll get those separately, though probably all at the same time, since I’m writing these out before I upload them.
(And, in the process discovered two old posts that never made it to the upload, but have festered in limbo since August.)

Last night was the monthly tea at the Deputy Chief of Mission’s house. Lest you think a “tea” has to be a dull and stuffy affair, like I did when I came, all nervous to the first one this time last year, I want to set you straight. While there is tea at the DCM’s tea, and while there are some cookies (everyone raves about the chocolate chip ones), there is also an ample supply of wine and mixed drinks, a variety of hors d’ouvres, including: fish sticks, meatballs, tiny samosas (which are different than the Indian ones, but more like a triangular fried egg roll), mini pizzas, bacon-wrapped something-or-other, veggies, oatmeal bars, flan, stuffed mushroom caps…….

It’s a smorgasbord. Except for one detail. I was advised this week to eat less fat, so the potential eating extravaganza was sadly limited. I did sneak in a cookie though, you’d hate to pass up that monthly treat.

It also, strangely, turned out to be a night of matchy-matchiness. A significant number of us all arrived wearing black and teal. So, of course, we had to take a photo. You can see the evidence on my FB page. We rocked that color.

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