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As I mentioned before, we bid on our future post this summer, even though we were more than 1 year from transferring. Our transfer date is right at the tail end of the summer bid group, and many of those who bid simultaneously with us will transfer as early as May of next year. So, it’s a weird situation to be in, we already know where we’re going… but we’re not going for 14 months!

But, of course, the big question is… (for those who don’t follow us on FB too), where will the Adventures be in for Christmas 2012?

Seoul, South Korea!

Mr. Adventure finally gets to do some work in his chosen career path (Economics), and I (hopefully) will get a chance to teach some ethics or philosophy at one of the several American universities that have branch campuses in Seoul. Plus, the wee little adventurer will be living in a pleasantly shady complex with grass and playgrounds. We’ll be able to drink the water, and even go see a movie if we want to! We’re excited.

3 thoughts on “…Next Posts

  1. Fun! A friend of mine is doing her first tour in Seoul now (she’s State, but I’ve known her for years before she — or us — joined State). I’ll be visiting her next week and definitely posting pictures of Seoul (my husband lived there for 4 years during his time with the Army, but I’ve never been!).

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