…Singapore, part 2

Singapore is known for one thing in this part of the Foreign Service world… it’s the place where you go for a med-evac. (aka medical evacuation). We’re not sure if it’s because of that, but few of the Dhaka-types seem to go there for weekend holidays. The flights are direct and convenient, so it’s a bit surprising that so few go. (Perhaps it’s because the hotels are so expensive?).

Among the 20- and 30- something couples, it’s also a bit of a code. If you’re going to Singapore, you’re probably going for one particular reason. And, yes, we went for that reason too. We’re pregnant!

That’s a big reason for the fall off in postings recently; I’ve just not been feeling ship-shape, and since I started the new job at the same time, it was a tough period of trying to sleep as much as possible whenever I was not working. I’m feeling better now, as we enter the second trimester, and the doctor in Singapore says everything looks good (all the right fingers and toes, organs, brain size, etc.). I’ll be delivering back in the states this winter, so expect some cute baby pictures then.

We passed out sweets at work (a Bangladeshi tradition whenever there’s good news to be shared), but I can’t send any out to you all, so go scavenge up some chocolate and celebrate in absentia.

4 thoughts on “…Singapore, part 2

  1. Hi, Lauren and Matthew, What an announcement!!! Great news; I hope you’re both well, and glad that Lauren is feeling better now. And what “new job” does she have?? Other than mother-to-be? We’re probably having opposite of weather problems from yours – so cold and wet that my tomato plant died, will be replaced.
    But a few nice sunny mornings, like today, will get it back up to high 60s. Love, JS

  2. holy moly! Way to bury the lead!!! congrats Mrs. Dr. MacSteed!!!! I am super-happy for you guys!!!

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