If you’re not my FB friend, you’ve not seen my pics from India, where we were a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Adventure got the better shots, since I had my camera set on Macro… making the distant shots all a bit bleh. But, he’s not home, so you get my shots only. Oh well, ‘Sucks to your assmar!’ (as Ralph so endearingly said to Piggy in the Lord of the Flies).

General consensus on the trip? India is much tidier than Bangladesh, at least in the “tourist trail” areas. They had some really interesting modern and antique architecture in Delhi. There were extensive tourist and regular shopping, as well as tasty restaurants. It was a great little getaway from Dhaka. We even got to try an Indian beef-free McDonald’s.

What we didn’t like? The tourism trend toward these fake factories which are really over-priced shops. Our guides got a commission from these shops, and so wanted to take us to 1-3 every day. When we refused, or didn’t buy anything because we’d already been taken to another rug shop by a different guide, they went into conniptions. It was quite off-putting. But, we recommend India, even if you have to go to a zillion tourist shops.

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  1. Great pics! I had to laugh because I took my daughter to India on a CLO trip and her take on the tours and commission induced shops complete with infomercial style presentation: she swore she got stuck in a 24/7 documentary. Despite the long hours and constant “factory” sidetours, we loved it and found India absolutely amazing!

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