One of the perks (?) of Foreign Service life is that the government does a great job of taking care of you when things abroad become less than ideal. In the case of Egypt, the FS community evacuated in two waves.

So, though things in Dhaka are just at dhaka-normal right now, I am learning a lot of about evacs from the experiences of others, and I thought I’d share two sources of news with you: A first person account of the experience, including diary entries from the days before, during, and after the evac are at Sherwood Family Nonsense. There are notes on evacs of due to cartel violence in Mexico at my blog-swap partner’s SmallBits blog, linked in the blogroll to the right.

Evacs are also possible for medical reasons, including emergencies, pregnancies, and things beyond the care of the local medical options. But, no one has been writing much about those in the last week or so…. so no links for you. 🙂

Anyway, I’m back to panicking about my forthcoming dissertation defense, wish me luck!

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