…Taco Salad

We made sure to pack sufficient Mexican spices to last our two years here, as many of the flavours are not available in Asia, unless you’re willing to grow and grind them yourself. (WAY too much effort, even for Mexican food.) So, for instance, we have a Costco-sized jar of taco spices.

Mr. A suggested about 10 days ago that he would like some taco salad. Sounds doable, right? We found lettuce at the local grocery store, brought it home and had our housekeeper bleach it the next day. I found beans and salsa at the American store. Then, there was a hunt for sufficiently good tomatoes, and possibly limes. Unfortunately, by the time we had tomatoes, the lettuce was rotten. So, I used the tomatoes for something else, thinking the salad was a no go.

Then, it was requested again! Oh no… the hunt for lettuce begins anew. I found some today at an organic market (picture a garage with a table in it: On the table are the nicest vegetables I’ve seen in Dhaka, but there are only 2 or 3 of each vegetable, and only about 10 different veggies total). I bought the lettuce, some green onions and carrots. Now, the hunt for the tomatoes begins again, I hope the housekeeper can find some tomorrow! In the meantime, I’ll be hunting for some appropriate meat to go with it.

I really liked the organic market, by the way, they also had fresh and frozen fish from Khulna, organic chicken, goose, guinea fowl and some other meat. Supposedly, if you go in the morning, they have french breads, including croissants, baguettes and the like…. It’s on Road 99 in Gulshan-2.

3 thoughts on “…Taco Salad

  1. What are the chances of you growing your own tomatoes? Cilantro? Shouldn’t be too difficult, if you have direct sun.

  2. You know, I have a contact who could send you some Mexican stuff sometime. Just saying 🙂 Seriously though, do you want me to throw in some canned tomatoes or seeds or something? I am happy to. I can get stuff here or in TX. Just let me know!

  3. Hiya,
    If you get in a bind, we have lettuce and tomatoes on the roof. Others in our apt eat them too, so it’s a gamble some days if there are still ripe ones up there, but usually so 😉 Currently have cherry tomatoes and some larger varieties, which are just getting ripe.

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