The Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) is going on right now and we went on a CLO (i.e. Embassy-sponsored social) trip to it last week. It was a combination between a giant swap meet and a technology expo. There were a lot of repetitive small booths selling kitchen appliances and tupperware, a few hawkers of innovative products (like a SLICER-DICER!), and exhibitions by countries and companies trying to solicit contracts here in Dhaka. So, a booth by Sharp, Nestle, etc., as well as booths by India, Japan and other supra-regional countries. There were a lot of refrigerators for sale. We went on a Friday in the relatively early morning to skip the crowds, but by the time we left, the open spaces in the pics below were teeming with the regular Dhaka crowds.

The fog, by the way, is because it was actually chilly that day, like in the 50s and misty.

The golden arches at the entrance. But, not sponsored by the Golden Arches, we don't have that in Dhaka.
A glimpse of some of the exhibitions, including a great-big greenhouse and a giant fountain tower.
Some of the structures were cutely themed. There were two palaces like this, the other a neon pink and purple combo sposored by Toyota that I forgot to photograph.
There were so many beautiful flowers at the fair, and the sun came out around lunch-time.

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