…Soi 71

Soi 71 is one of the most popular restaurants in Dhaka among the expat crowd that I am familiar with. It’s a 20 minute walk from our house, but we hadn’t been yet, so we decided to go last week, and were joined by four of our friends.

A table for 8 in the subterranean dining room
A more intimate booth

Apparently they are popular enough to hope you have a reservation with a group of 6, so if you’re planning to eat there (especially at the locally popular late dining hour), you might want to call ahead. The restaurant is big, though, so if you can’t get into the preferred downstairs room, you can still get tasty food in the upstairs room.

The stairs leading downstairs, looking up

Soi 71 also has a midday coffee and pastries cafe in addition to their two dining rooms. The downstairs room, where we ate, had a large play area for little kids to bounce around in, with decor from popular childrens’ movies.

The food was awesome, at least to my thai-loving (dish-wash-hating), palatte. Some people don’t like it, but I think I could go there quite often and be happy each time. It’s a great standard-American quality restaurant, but with the added excitement of a cute decor and some aquaria.

One of several aquariums

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