We had a Boxing Day brunch for a big crowd a couple of days ago, and there were many requests for my frittata recipe. I am a little embarrassed to post it, considering both how easy it is, and how fattening it will appear, but here’s the way I make it:

12 eggs, scrambled in a bowl
1 pound cheddar cheese (this time I used the “Vintage White” aged Tillamook cheddar, divine!)
Vegetables in tiny pieces (on Sunday, it was chunks of broccoli and green peppers)
a tiny bit of olive oil (or melted butter, your pick. About 1 tbsp to 1/8 cup?)
Bacon in tiny pieces (but, it’s also good without bacon, and this was my first time with bacon.)

Stir it all together, pour into a rectangular baking dish, and bake for 30-60 minutes at 350…. Why the ambiguous timing? It should be about 30 minutes to bake it until the top it just brown, but the ovens that the government bought here in Dhaka are notoriously fickle. Things can burn in seconds, or never cook in the middle. Totally random. SO… bake it until it’s just getting golden brown on the top and you can see the sides pulling away from the dish.


Even Mr. Adventure liked it, and he hates baked egg dishes.

We also had a truck-load of homefries, cooked in our lovely, giant, flat bottom wok (thanks to everyone who bought us the pots and pans on our wedding registry, they’re AWESOME), cherry cobbler, sliced deviled eggs on crackers (what else do you do when the egg shells refuse to peel and the eggs look mutilated?), a spiral ham, and Pillsbury crescent rolls. So, all in all a pretty easy feast, except for the annoying deviled egg fiasco. Most of our guests brought desserts, which we weren’t really expecting, but the bounty encouraged everyone to go back to the table after the gift exchange and have seconds on dessert.

We also had the bestest (!) bad santa/white elephant/yankee swap gift exchange I’ve had in a long time. It started off slow, with people hesitant to trade, but a few strange things, and a little bit of encouragement livened it up. In the end, however, I ended up as the ‘owner’ of the item I had persuaded my husband to give away…. erm. Thank goodness our lovely neighbors were generous enough to do a secret pity trade with me as they left.

Among the cherished gifts were:
1 . a shrink-wrapped copy of Apples to Apples
2. A handy kit for dealing with “the Dhakas” (aka tourista, delhi-belly, etc.)
3. several tasty food combos, which featured american treats (including blueberry muffins, which I wanted!)
4. some pretty local handicrafts
5. objects of “unknown” use
6. Smelly treats (both good smells and bad smells)…..

But, the best part is how upbeat everyone was, and really got into the festive feeling. I guess since we were making our own holiday joy, we were all “bringing it” rather than being too cool or too bored with it. I was really happy with our party, and I hope if we do it again it will be just as fun.

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  1. Thanks for posting the recipe — I love trying favorite recipes of others and this one sounds like a winner! Glad you had a great party and enough of the right pots and pans to pull it off. Have a great New Years!

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