…Calling in Gmail

Google just made this Santa’s “Nice” list with its announcement on Monday that they’d be keeping Google Voice and “Calling in Gmail” free through the end of 2011. Until today, I thought my fun times on the phone would be over at the end of this month, as Google had planned to begin charging for phone calls to the US in January.

However, not so!

If you don’t use Gmail Calling now, and are a FS with decent internet access, you should set up your google account and give it a try. I Love It. I can call the US for free any time, just like Skype, but I don’t just have to call a computer, I can call cell phones and land lines too. It’s not all that different from a VOIP, but we don’t have a VOIP device.

If you’re in the US, it’s free to other US numbers, but not to call me out here in Dhaka. For that, you should use Skype, since we’ve always got it on when we’re in the house. (One of our friends even has their Skype calls forwarded to their Dhaka phone, so perhaps we’ll try to get that going too.)

Yeah! *happy dance for free phone calls*

1 thought on “…Calling in Gmail

  1. I was wondering why I was able to call from France to the US for free! I thought I was in a trial period of something… glad to know I’ll be able to take advantage of it for a while longer!

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