Thankfully, I am procrastinating on the blog, rather than on that larger project that looms over my head every day, the boiling lava-pit of doom that is the dissertation.

However, I don’t want you to think we’ve all died, so… if you want to see photos of the boat trip we took on Friday to recover from Thanksgiving, check out the Monestel Family’s post.

And, if you’d like to see some photos from the day before, in which we hosted Thanksgiving for 11 people, our friend at Becoming Bangladesh was kind enough to post them.

We’ve eaten more pie in the last few days than I have in the rest of 2010, including a remarkable raspberry pie and a heavenly blueberry pie. My own contributions to pie-dom were cherry with a crumble top and traditional pumpkin. I’m thinking that pie might have to become a more regular part of my life.

Our HHE (boat shipment) is scheduled to arrive in enough time before Christmas that we’ll be able to put up a tree and host a party, but we did not have any wrapping paper to send gifts home in. If you get a box, don’t open it until Christmas!

The theme of the FS Roundup this week is “I’ve never eaten that before” and will be hosted at http://globalgeraghtys.blogspot.com/ I’m not sure I’ll come up with any good Bangladesh food stories, but I’ll try and dig up some memories of other interesting food times, if I can think of them.

1 thought on “…procrastination

  1. More pie? WOW, the Tday that keeps on giving. I still can taste your cherry crisp. It was wonderful, not to discriminate and not give credit to everything else…Take your time on blogging, you’re a busy gal, and are entitled!

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