It was 40 degrees yesterday in Cairo, and it will be 40 again today. For those of you who don’t read centigrade, that’s over 100 F. And, what does one decide to do when it is that hot out? One decides to go hiking around the pyramids!

In the last two days we’ve seen the Egyptian Museum, toured the churches and synagogues of Old Cairo, seen a mosque built in imitation of the Hagia Sophia, shopped in a crazy big market (our guide says, it’ll take about 15-20 minutes to see it… hmm, I am not sure which market she was talking about), visited a jewelry shop, a papyrus shop and a perfumer, and walked around at the pyramids for several hours.

I was dressed for mosques yesterday, so the time at the pyramids was especially hot. Today we’re headed out into the Sahara itself, to see the oasis at Bahariya and the Crystal, Black and White deserts, and I am definitely going to dress more appropriately. Today will be the hottest day of our week and of course, we’re going to spend it in one of the hottest places on earth. Silly Adventures!

Our guide here in Cairo, Rahab, was very friendly, though Mr. A had a hard time keeping up with the speed of her accented English. It seems like it is pretty popular for the tour guides to have PhD’s in Egyptology, and Rahab was finishing hers with a dream to do further study in the USA. When I told her I was going to do my defense online, she wondered if she could do a whole degree that way. I said she could, but I’d never heard of any in her field… she gave me her card though, so if any one knows of any online schools in fields related to Egyptology (long shot), I suppose I could email her.

Mr. A’s luggage was supposed to be delivered to our hotel yesterday, but was delayed along the way. Poor guy, he’ll probably be wearing his same two outfits for a few more days, as our Oasis trip is an overnighter.

Thank goodness for the hotel laundry service!

1 thought on “…Pyramids

  1. Hi, Mr. and Mrs. A. ?
    What an exciting and rewarding week in Egypt!! You’ll get used to heat at that pace. I hope the desert overnight went well. Best Wishes, Grandma Steed

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