…The Big Apple

We’re in New York for 2 days before we head out of the country. Mr. Adventure has to work, and Mrs. A is resting up in anticipation of the intense adventuring we’ll be doing in Egypt later this week. The flights there include one 14 hour trip and one 3 hour trip, with a 9 hour layover in between. We’re not sure how that’s going to work out sleep-wise… 🙂

Last night we walked around the Times Square neighborhood; we’re staying at a hotel in the theater district. There was some kind of Broadway flea-market going on, and one of the streets near our hotel was blocked off and the local theaters were selling old costumes, props and mementos from tables all along the street. There was also a not-so-silent auction being held that we could hear all the way up in our hotel room. (heaps of cheering and jeering) The two most common questions from the touts? “Wanna see a free taping for Comedy Central?” and “Are you Jewish?”

Pretty much we were just killing some time so that we could go see the Empire State Building’s observation deck around sunset, and the timing worked out just right, even though one of the elevators was broken and the lines were consequently long.

Last night’s “color theme” for the ESB was yellow, red, and black, in honor of Steuben Day (?). But, for some reason they didn’t turn the lights on at dusk, but about an hour late, so we didn’t see them from the upper stories, only from the ground. It was still a great view though, even if I did get a little vertigo at the end when Mr. A started pointing out things to look at down on the ground below. In the distance, you could make out the lights of one of the airports, and see people playing soccer at the Chelsea piers. It was very cold and windy up there.

On the way home, we walked along Broadway, dodging rickshaws and taxis in practice for Dhaka.

This morning, we stopped for breakfast at Junior’s which is apparently famous for its cheesecake, but should not be famous for its breakfast. Mr. A liked his Salmon Benedict, but my omelette was bleh and my potatoes were raw. I was completely unenthused. And… they didn’t refill our hot water in our tea. There seemed to be as many waitstaff as customers there, but the service was pretty mediocre. Oh well, we’ll look for a different diner for tomorrow’s breakfast.

We’re seeing a new show tonight, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, an emo-musical take on that president’s term in office. It’s supposed to be very funny. I’ll let you know.

Otherwise, all is well, and we’re mostly looking forward to finally shipping out, it seems like the last year has been all about anticipating this move, and not actually doing it.

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