…broken glass

You knew it had to happen.

The moving coordinator asked me to unpack all our wedding glasses, dishes and breakables so that the movers could repack it all for the move. I laid them all carefully on the dining room table, which is currently pushed up against the wall. Every was just peachy, until I decided I needed just a little bit more room to fit something else, and promptly broke one of our new glasses. Figures. Unpack them to keep them safe. Right.


Luckily I didn’t injure myself like I did in college. That time, I was just moving into a new dorm room and pushed one of the big heavy pieces of furniture towards another wall. Underneath was a sneaky surprise–a whole bunch of broken glass. I was in bare feet and stepped right onto it. Yelping, I had to hop on one leg down to the bathroom, so that I could run some water over it to see well enough to remove all the shards. What a mess that was.

No injuries today, the glass broke into infinitesimal pieces, though, so who knows what may lurk down on the carpet still.

In other news, we had dinner last night with one of the officers at Mr. A’s future post. She gave us the run down on current weather, the situation in the local markets, how to get stuff tailored, and the kinds of places people tend to congregate at. It was at a Thai restaurant in the Courthouse area of Arlington, and I had a Thai dish I’d never had before, a crispy shrimp in a very light chili-fish sauce. I loved it.

Our plans for the rest of the week? Eating the strange combinations of foods left in the kitchen (sweet potato fries, green beans, taco seasoning, bread, shrimp, jerk sauce, oatmeal, beans….) is first on the list, but we’re also planning to hit up a few of our favorite restaurants and sights before we leave too. On Saturday we’ll definitely be going to the National Museum of American History because I really want to see Julia Child’s kitchen. It wasn’t here when I lived here last, and I really enjoyed reading her autobiography of her life before the show, so I am really looking forward to going. Besides that, the day is open, perhaps we’ll go to some other museums?

1 thought on “…broken glass

  1. Hi,
    We pack out next week. Wish we had a vacation in between, like you guys. No rest for the wicked πŸ™‚ So good luck with everything, enjoy Cairo, and we’ll catch ya on the other side of the world in a couple weeks!

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