As a last minute hurrah before we ship off, I bought both of us Adventures a day driving Nascars at the Richmond International Raceway. We started off the day with an introduction to shifting and turning to the left and then continued with a ride around the track in an SUV so we could learn the “line.”

Mr and Mrs Adventure in front of the Jeff Gordon car

After that we took laps around the track with an instructor who helped us know when to “push it” and when to slow down. It was pretty fun, even though neither of us know very much about Nascar. The sheer thrill of feeling the pull of the engine as you went around the curves and accelerated into the straights was awesome.

Perhaps we’ll get to do a driver school at VIR’s road track some day, because both Mr A and I are more excited by the possibilities of twisties than ovals.

Our course was with Speed Tech based in North Carolina.

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