In our whirlwind last few weeks of packing, shipping, selling and buying, we took some time last week to vacation with the family, parts of both our families actually. We had my relatives and Mr. A’s relatives, but no one brought any pets, not even any Corgis. (a recent theme in our lives)
Governor's Palace
Williamsburg was lovely, the weather was nice, the amusement parks, boats, walks and pools were all wonderful and fun. I had two of the best “tours” of my touristic life (I highly recommend the Williamsburg Winery tour, my best winery tour ever), and I got to spend a lot of quality time with the in-laws.

Of course, I spent the whole week forgetting about the real life pile o’stuff awaiting me back in our apartment, and arrived back slightly unenthused to finish it all. Yet, the sorting must go on. This week, I’ve taken 4 bags of clothes, books and random stuff to the thrift store, and have started a new pile of stuff to go. I’ve sold my car (a MINI, to a wonderful couple who I am sure will get as much fun from it as I did). I’ve seen some friends and bought a ton of toilet paper (and then heard I don’t really need it), and arranged and weighed my honeymoon bags. Until next week when we take all the stuff from the cupboards and set it out for the movers to pack, I feel mostly done with the household chores. Now for the fiddly little things that I always leave until the last minute.

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  1. HI!
    No painter, sorry. We are in Gulshan, not far from the tank park. We only received one pic, but it’s nice! Four stories/ 3 families and a garage. A previous Dhaka FSO, whom I met at Panera a few mos ago to chitchat, happened to live in the same building. So have seen her pics and know they loved it. Where abouts are you?

    We’ll be out the 1st week in October and really look forward to meeting you. We are SO ready to go and get on with the crazy adventure.

    Brgds! ~ Denise

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