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Mr. A has been researching noise-cancelling headphones for our upcoming 36+ hours of flying, and I’ve been squirreling away various mini-sized bottles of potions and tonics (i.e. shampoo, etc.), and trying to strike a balance between weight and comfort in my luggage.

This morning I found a great site for tiny travel things: Minimus.biz

Minimus has got tiny sized bottles of all sorts of stuff, from generic to fancy-organic quality, and the prices are comparable to the mini-section in a drugstore or dollar store. They sell individual packets of things like salad dressing or hot sauce, in case you want to pack your meal to bring on the plane. They’ve got compact “flight comfort” sets, with eye masks and ear plugs, etc. And, for the minimalist survivalist types, you can buy tiny 3-day survival packs, in case of disasters while traveling.

Previously I had seen this site, 3floz.com For those people who are slightly more …posh(?) than I am, 3floz.com is amazingly full of travel sized versions of high end salon and spa products. Prices are, of course, comparable to buying something in a salon.

Here’s a few other “travel sized” product sites:

Standard drugstore products:

High-end salon or spa quality:

Of course, this doesn’t include all those other things you might want to make your trip pleasant, like ultra-light luggage, anti-theft wallets, inflatable pillows, or whatever other inventions they’ve devised. For those, the classic site is www.magellans.com But, you might also look into www.protravelgear.com

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  1. will i found this traveling site i searching and surfing to find this site. maybe i buy tiny 3-day survival packs, in case of disasters while traveling. yes i want and i really want salad dressing and hot sauce,

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