…inventories and stuff

Just some scattered “feelings” about the mountain of stuff that we’ve got piled up for pack-out. I know it’s the second time I’ve talked about it, but it’s a lot of stuff!

We were lucky enough to get married just before shipping out to our first post, so we planned our wedding registry around the move. The strange thing has been living here in Oakwood, with all these new gadgets and tools, but unable to use them because there’s either no room in the tiny kitchen, or we don’t want to take the thing out of its original packaging before we send it in the HHE. And, really the Oakwood has most of what we need, it’s just… of less than desirable quality.

Now, however, we’re on our last few weeks, and the stuff is starting to get more insistent. After all, we now own a two years supply of all sorts of toiletries, and some essential food items…. plus, a stock of all sorts of things that people at post have requested we bring for them (exercise equipment, laundry detergent, food, etc.).

We’re also planning our honeymoon trip, on which we’re limited to 40 lbs each, and will be on the way to post, so our initial days in post we’ll have only limited stuff. It’s kinda hard to decide what to bring. Do Mr. A’s suits really need to come on the honeymoon (in Egypt!), because he might need them in those first days at post? Should I bring some sheets and pillows? etc.

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