We’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately. We’re not entirely sure what we’ll need, or what the prices might be like when we get to Dhaka, and neither of us brought much of anything with us when we left California to get married (we’ve been living in furnished places or with roommates for most of the past years), so we need a lot of stuff.

Mr. Adventure has been focusing on proper clothes and shoes, Mrs. Adventure has been looking for first aid kits and kitchen stuff. Someone else’s blog recommended having some essentials shipped by APO so that they’d be there before the UAB is, so I’m considering what we might wait to get, and what’s best collected now for our HHE shipment. Things that are cheapest on the internet are probably destined for the APO shipment, rather than stockpiling it for UAB/HHE, but some things are are so light and essential, that we’ll need them even in our airplane baggage.

We’ll see how well we do.

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