… Temporary Quarters

We’re luckier than many in the housing assigned to us during training. The apartment was assigned to Mr. Adventure before we were married, and many new, single FSOs get assigned studios when they show up for A-100. Not only did we get assigned a real 1 bedroom, but we also were lucky enough to get a den too. Our apartment is definitely large enough for two.

The decor is rather… bland, however. I suppose I am already used to living in places where I have had no say in the decor, but usually I get to adapt it a little bit to suit my taste. I’ll buy a picture, or rearrange the furniture. But, since we’re only here for a few months, there’s a bit of a “why bother” about doing it here.

I hope that feeling of temporariness doesn’t carry with me into the new posting, since I hear the FS apartments are rather starkly decorated.

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